August 9, 2011

Wish List: Yarn

I am in love with hand spun yarn! I tried to do some myself, but never got around it enough to learn how to do it well. Once I do learn I will be happy to teach everybody else.
The little yarn that I did spin, I used to knit a notebook cover, for a place where I keep track of my projects. It turned out kind of fun. I need to make another one and I still have roving materials that I could use for spinning, so I will be sure to share the project once I get done with the ones I already started.

Once in a while I visit Etsy to search for fun yarn.
Sometimes materials can inspire a project, so I find inspiration in the beauty of hand spun fiber.
Here are a couple of favorites for today.
From here

From here

From here

From here

From here

From here


Until not so long ago I had no idea they had these yarn bowls! They are so pretty and make life that much easier.
From here


And how cute is that? Babies are amazing as they are, but this hat is just too cute to be true on that little head!
From here

The way it usually works is I am going to end up getting at least some of this yarn, then touch it, smell it, play around with it, then come up with a project for it and share it with you. :)

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