August 26, 2011

Fabric Yo-Yo Love

To many of you it's not news, I mean, apparently these things were used before I was even thought of! But to me fabric yo-yos were a major discovery! I am in love with them now!

I first found out about fabric yo-yos over at The Purl Bee. Their mini quilt of the month was this yo-yo coverlet.
(from here)

I thought yo-yo? I've never heard of such thing. I mean, I know about the plastic ones that use to be a popular toy when I was a kid, but I didn't know about the fabric ones. Then they said that, apparently, there are these yo-yo makers that make it super easy and fun to make one. So I decided to get some fabric and this yo-yo maker and make this mini quilt to put on my bathroom wall. How that worked out I will definitely let you know when I am done. But one thing for sure - they are super cute! They look to me like sand dollars and I had so much fun making a few of them!
So that got me interested. I then was able to find many more of these yo-yo makers in different sizes and shapes - to me the smaller the cuter!
I researched a bit of what these yo-yos are used for and to my surprise, I easily found plenty of lovely projects using these cute creations.
Like this wrath from Lucky Star Lane
(from here)

Or this pillow from Sew, Mama, Sew!
(from here)

Or even this card with yo-yos embellishment from Style Me Pretty.
(from here)

So, yeh, I got pretty excited about this new thing I discovered (new for me that is...)
But this is not the end of this yo-yo story! Today I went to Borders as they are closing and had pretty good sales on their books. I got myself a couple of crafting books to add to my collection of books that inspire my creativity (which I will be sure to share with you some day, Ah, so much to tell about! :) ) One of them got me really hyped up and it is The Artful Bird by Abigail Patner Glassenberg.
the artful bird1
It is amazing, and I can't wait to get to make all of these! Here are a couple of my favourite birds to get you excited as well!
the artful bird2
the artful bird3
the artful bird4
the artful bird5

Well, what does that have to do with yo-yos, you might ask. It's quite simple, but had me feeling a bit like a fool (how could I not know about these yo-yos, they are everywhere!) - one of the options on wing embellishment, the author offers, is in fact tiny yo-yos.
the artful bird6

One more thing is now added to my cluttered head and many more projects are emerging from it. But for now, I am going to sleep - tomorrow starts my two year journey as a dental hygienist student - eh...

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