August 20, 2011

Photography: Lake Tahoe

What an amazing place Lake Tahoe is! The nature is just so ritch!
I think one of the most important parts in successfull photography is inspiring locations like that, or inspiring people if you do portraits, but I am yet to try serious portrait taking.
To me, the picture should create a mood, not just show objects. It should also tell a story.
Here is a story about us spending a couple of days in the paradise.
lake tahoe5
Comming from Vegas, Lake Tahoe forest is everything I missed - green, cool, ritch, full of beautiful flowers and funny squirels and birds eating in the morning right by our patio.
lake tahoe1
lake tahoe2
lake tahoe6
lake tahoe7

One of my favorite things to do, was to sit on our bed in our room made out of logs, with big windows and beautiful view of the forest and the lake. During the day our windows were open all the time, and the cool breeze would pat my feet as I set there and  did what I love the most - crafting and reading.
lake tahoe8

This is the view form our porch. Is that priceless or what?!
lake tahoe9
lake tahoe10
lake tahoe11

The lake itself is another dream. It's so clean and blue and the beech is covered in coarse sand that is so pleasant to the feet. We laid on it, warming ourselves up after the dip in a cold water of the lake.
lake tahoe4

One of the mornings we went fishing. It was an opportunity to me to experience the sunrise right on the rocky beech.
lake tahoe12
lake tahoe13
lake tahoe14
lake tahoe15

I call this shot - Switzerland. I want my view to be like that every day!
lake tahoe16
lake tahoe17
lake tahoe18
lake tahoe19
lake tahoe20
lake tahoe21
lake tahoe22

On the way home we stopped by the Devil's Postpile National Monument. This amazing nature's creation is a monument to its' greatness!
lake tahoe23
Oh what an amazing trip this was! I can't wait to go again! And this weekend we went to California. I will tell about how that went next.

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