August 22, 2011

Our One Year Anniversary

A year ago the most important thing in my life happened - I got married to this amazing guy.
So today we are celebrating a one year birthday of our family.
I thank God every day for sending such an amazing person into my life!

Today was busy, we had to work after a night drive back from LA but to me the little details don't matter. It's the fact, the occasion is what made the day!
We went to the restaurant where we had our reception a year ago - a small but delicious and romantic French restaurant overlooking a lake. Upon my request, they set us on a patio, where a year ago we set with our family and friends, listened to their hearted wishes, drank expansive wine, and listened to live music.
We were sitting very close to the lake and we could see the evening lights reflecting off the water - the view, interrupted only by the swans that passed by. We had champagne and delicious meal, recalled stories from that important day, and soaked inn the view. I kept looking at my husband thinking, how did I get so lucky, and my heart was singing. I just wanted to stay in that short moment for ever!

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