August 12, 2011

Crafty Collectibles: Vintage Threads and Yarns

Collectibles - vintage threads and yarns
It started from my grandma giving me the sewing machine threads that her mother in law (my great grandma) gave to her when she was young. These amazing, beautifully colored fibers, spun on wooden spools are French and came from Iran, where my grandpa was born to Russian immigrants.
Can you imagine how special they are?
Well starting from then I asked my grandmas to give me everything they've got that is from their younger years and I ended up with quite a collection. And I am always on the lookout for more.
Vintage yarns and threads are great to collect for any crafty person or vintage lover.
Here are a few kinds that will find use in many crafting projects.

1. Sewing machine thread can be used for just that - sewing. It is good to have many different colors to match the fabric. This is why I was jumping from joy when I saw all of these vibrant, beautiful colors. For creative souls out there, there are many other uses. I mean, you can just put a couple of matching colors in a pretty glass jar and have it as decoration, right?
collectibles - vintage threds 1
collectibles - vintage threds 3

And I am drooling on these wooden spools!
collectibles - vintage threds 2

2. Embroidery yarn can be used for embroidery, or pretty jewelery, or even miniature crocheting. I will be sure to show some examples later... And again, the colors are just amazing!
collectibles - vintage threds 4

3. And of course there is plenty of recycled yarn out there. It is great for knitting, crocheting, gift wrapping and many other things! I for one am determined to make a knitted teddy bear from that white recycled 100% wool.
collectibles - vintage yarn 1

These are my vintage treasures. I am sure the collection will grow, as I am fascinated with the idea of these beautiful fibers being over 50 years old!

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