August 26, 2011

Fabric Yo-Yo Love

To many of you it's not news, I mean, apparently these things were used before I was even thought of! But to me fabric yo-yos were a major discovery! I am in love with them now!

August 23, 2011

Tutorial: Doll Remake

doll remake 2
doll remake 1
Mom gave me this doll, that she thought wasn't pretty and she was going to throw away. Knowing me, she said she thought I could use it for something. So I took on the challenge and decided to remake it to something more appealing. Sort of like in all those movies where somebody gives a person a remake and they all of a sudden become so different and attractive, when they use to be ugly... There is nothing some new clothes, and new hair style can't fix, right?
I wanted this doll to be something I imagined would be standing next to a teddy bear without one eye in a little princess's room, does that make sense? Like in old times... Maybe it was that proud porcelain face that made this image stuck in my head, but this was what I was kind of aiming for. I didn't use any reference as to how I should make her, or what she should look like, just that image in my head and more imagination.
For that reason this tutorial might not be that technical, but I will try to describe the process as well as I can in case if anybody else would like to remake a doll of theirs.

August 22, 2011

Our One Year Anniversary

A year ago the most important thing in my life happened - I got married to this amazing guy.
So today we are celebrating a one year birthday of our family.
I thank God every day for sending such an amazing person into my life!

Today was busy, we had to work after a night drive back from LA but to me the little details don't matter. It's the fact, the occasion is what made the day!
We went to the restaurant where we had our reception a year ago - a small but delicious and romantic French restaurant overlooking a lake. Upon my request, they set us on a patio, where a year ago we set with our family and friends, listened to their hearted wishes, drank expansive wine, and listened to live music.
We were sitting very close to the lake and we could see the evening lights reflecting off the water - the view, interrupted only by the swans that passed by. We had champagne and delicious meal, recalled stories from that important day, and soaked inn the view. I kept looking at my husband thinking, how did I get so lucky, and my heart was singing. I just wanted to stay in that short moment for ever!

August 20, 2011

Photography: Lake Tahoe

What an amazing place Lake Tahoe is! The nature is just so ritch!
I think one of the most important parts in successfull photography is inspiring locations like that, or inspiring people if you do portraits, but I am yet to try serious portrait taking.
To me, the picture should create a mood, not just show objects. It should also tell a story.
Here is a story about us spending a couple of days in the paradise.
lake tahoe5

August 18, 2011

Wish List: Cross Stitch Kits

Because of the fact that for the past two weeks I have been talking mainly about cross stitching, I got myself swooning over some kits. To me, opening a kit is like a Christmas day, because there are so many beautiful things in one package and I get to play with it all!
Cross stitched work is so decorative! I mean look at this, don't you want to jump on it and make it yours?..
From here

There are millions of them out there, so many, so pretty, aaaah!
Well here are a few more examples.

August 15, 2011

Tutorial: Framing Your Cross Stitch Work

Framing Tutorial
As I was saying a week ago in my cross stitch tutorial, this summer I managed to finish two cross stitched pieces - one being a Mill Hill and another one is made on linen fabric.
My grandma made me two frames to put these pieces in and that made the result that much more special!
So today I will show you how to frame a finished cross stitched piece.
Note: This technique can be applied to any embroidery work, or anything fabric, really.

August 12, 2011

Crafty Collectibles: Vintage Threads and Yarns

Collectibles - vintage threads and yarns
It started from my grandma giving me the sewing machine threads that her mother in law (my great grandma) gave to her when she was young. These amazing, beautifully colored fibers, spun on wooden spools are French and came from Iran, where my grandpa was born to Russian immigrants.
Can you imagine how special they are?
Well starting from then I asked my grandmas to give me everything they've got that is from their younger years and I ended up with quite a collection. And I am always on the lookout for more.
Vintage yarns and threads are great to collect for any crafty person or vintage lover.
Here are a few kinds that will find use in many crafting projects.